Thursday, 29 May 2014

Robert & Darrel the car thieves

This blog post is a conversation between Darrel  and Robert steeling a Subaru Forester. 

Robert : You up for a steal tonight?

Darrel : O yea

Robert : Sweet what are we thinking?

Darrel : Maybe a car?

Robert : Cool lets go do our study before we go out and find a car that we can hot wire easily.

Darrel : Na, lets go now it's dark anyway.

Robert : O man god why you got be so dumb, didn't you go to kindi.

Darrel : Man lets be rebel i'm going now you can come or you can stay your choice.

Robert : Ok lets go.

Darrel : Jackpot,

Robert : Alright lets go i'll smash the window "SMASH"

Darrel : Run Run the police are on to us,

Robert : I'm scared

Darrel : tuffen up princess.    

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