Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Mary Anning

Q. What was Mary Anning?
A.  A fossi collector.

Q. Where did Mary Look for fossils?
A. The Blue Lias Cliffs.

Q. When did Mary Die?
A. March 9 1847

Q. When was Mary born.
A. 21 may 1799

Q. What killed her dog?
A. A landslide.

Q. Were did Mary become well known?
A. She became well known in geological circles in Britain, Europe, and America,

Q.  What was Mary not able to join because she was a women?
A.  Geological Society of London

Q. When Mary died what increased unusually?
A. Her Story

Q. What did Mary's father do for a job?
A. he was a Cabinetmaker.

Q. What did Mary not always get full credit for.
A. scientific contributions.

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