Sunday, 18 May 2014

Brand Yelavich Walk around the coast line New Zealand

Tis Times

In the last assembly we had a really cool guy Brando who came in to talk to us about his experience walking around the the coast line of New Zealand. Brando has been walking for about 1 year and 134 days. At first Brando started to do this walk for himself because he was getting in a little bit of trouble with his parents and the police. He wanted to make a do it for himself but in the middle of the walk he started to walk for a charity called Ronald McDonald House. Brando is surviving with a back pack full of stuff. Brando calls his bag Lady. Brando goes to schools to talk to them. In assembly after Brando finishes his talk he always takes a selfie with the schools that he visits so here it is.

           Thanks to Brando for coming to Tauranga Intermediate School.

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