Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Clicker Cards And Star Cards

This term we have started to use clicker cards. Every student in the school is getting a clicker card. Everyday if you don't have your name on the board or are sick away you will get a click but you can get a oral warning after that you won't get a click so you will have to redeem yourself the next day. In total their are 40 clicks that you can get on one card. You can get up to 3 clicker cards full if you get all three you get a new stars badge that you can have on you top beside your honours badge.

We also have the star cards with the star cards they are the same as the golden tickets but you put them in your house box. You can get these tickets by showing the stars before school, after school, lunch time and morning tea. Every hui Mrs Mills draw out 2 cards the people that get taken out got a Burger King voucher. At the end of the term Mrs Colville draws out one card for each house and the people that get their names pulled out get a cool stars jacket. At the end of the year their is a draw out of the hole school and you got a brand new bike.

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