Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Fork tailed drongos

Read this Science article. Here are the answers. What are the questions?
A. stellar
Q. What reputation has the forked tailed drongos gained. √
A. 25%
Q. What % of the time are the Fork tailed drongos calling to steel food. √
A. 50
Q. How many warning calls do the fork tailed drongos have. √

A. shaped like a fork
Q. What does the tail of the forked tailed drongo shaped like. √

A. mimicry
Q. What is the art of coping something called. √ 

A. to obtain another animal’s food
Q. Why do forked tailed drongos send out warning calls. √

A. the animal with food hears an alarm call from its friends, drops the food and runs.
Q. When the forked tailed drongo sends an alarm out what do the other birds do.

A. ruse
Q. What is another word for trick.

A. pied babblers, sociable weavers and even mammals like meerkats!Q. Some of the forked tailed drongos call animals like what.

A. hawks and eagles
Q. What do fork-tailed drongos stand up for what they have a nest.

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