Thursday, 18 September 2014

Voting day.

When is election day?
20th september 2014.  Saturday √ 

What hours can you vote on election day?
9:00am - 7:00pm √

What date does this year’s election officially end?
Saturday 4th october.  √

Why is there a gap between election day and when the election ends?
Other parties may not have enough voters to win the election so they need time to sort it out. √  

Summarise each of these rules for election day in your own words.

  • All all election signs must be taken down or covered up before midnight tonight. √

Sign-written vehicles:

  • Cover up or place away from public view vehicles advertising parties or candidates (this includes flags and bumper stickers). √

Fixed signage on party headquarters and MP’s electorate offices:
  • You can leave your sign up at your office.

Delivery of election material prohibited.
  • No letters in mail boxes on election day. 

Websites and social media.
  • Keep what you had posted before election day, but no posts on election day.

Processions and demonstrations.
  • You are nit allowed to protest before before 7pm, you can't use a loudhailer.

Streamers, rosettes, ribbons etc.
  • Can wear but can’t say the party name, logo.

Clothing promoting the party or candidate.
  • No te-shirts, can wear party colours.

Imitation ballot papers.
  • Do not print, publish or distribute, on election day or after midnight on the Tuesday before election day.

Assistance to get to a voting place.
  • An MP or a party member to help someone that can't get to the poling room by giving them a ride.

At the voting place.

MP are only allowed to cast there own vote.

Campaigning around advance voting places.

  • Your not allowed to campaign.

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