Monday, 28 July 2014

Identical twins, a party invitation, and a locked closet.

Identical twins, a party invitation, and a locked closet.
It was a ordinary day at school on a chilly winter morning. I got to class and stated to get my books ready when I saw there were two new kids they looked like they were identical twins everything was the same they had the same noise and the same amount of freckles I think. I went over to say hi and welcome them to the school. 
I went over and sat beside them, before I got a chance to say hi they invited me to a party, I said "thanks but I don't even know who you are". They said" Please come we want people to be there for something we call a surprise. I thought to myself they seem like they've got something to hide why don't I go check it out. I said "Ok I be there at 7:00pm" They said "cool see you there".
I was on my way home from school and I saw the twins walking home I thought to myself I don't even know there names and I going to there party thats weird. I got home and got ready for the party I put at bright yellow top on with black and white stripy jeans. Mum was taking me to the party and dropped me off at the start of the driveway she said"I'll come pick you up at 9:00 cal me if you need anything".
I started walking down the drive way when I herd my name being called from the front dore so I stated running. I walked in and was taken to a closet that was locked they opened it and Bam.... To Be contiued               

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