Thursday, 3 April 2014

There, they’re and their.

There, they’re and their. Research and find out when you should use these 3 homonyms.
When should you use there ? You should use they're when naming a place, a thing, or the existence of something. ( Replace “there” with “here”)
When should you use their? Showing possession. (Replace “their” with “our”)
When should you use ? Combining the words “they” and “are”. (Replace “they’re” with “they are”) 

Give 2 of your OWN example sentences for each.

  • Whats over there.
  • I’ve never been there before.
  • “I went to their cottage last summer.
  • I went to their spot yesterday. 


  •  “They’re the two best players in the league.”
  • They're two big for your feet. 

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