Friday, 4 April 2014

Term 1 week 8

Analyse this poem for the following features and write a sentence about each feature.Click Here
Rhyme: Imotive. (Lots of emotion & Feeling)
Rhythm: I think the rhythm is more like a slow moving rhythm.    
Tone or Mood: I think the tone of this poem is calm and colected. The mood is hungery of waiting for a snack.   
Personification: Coultral
Enjambment: All the sentences are about the same langth. 3/4 sinables in each line.

Meaning of the title: The meaning of the title is river, stream, creek, canal, gully, gorge, groove, furrow.  

Author: find 3 facts about the author:
  • He’s a poet and performer working in schools throughout New Zealand, and around the world.
  • He’s a wholehearted ambassador for poetry.
  • He went to State University of New York College at Geneseo.

Now write a similar poem (must have a Maori title) and present it on a slide. Also, make a Sound Cloud recording of you reading the poem.

A Maori tribe.
riding the seas
finding new creatures
beneath their feet
crossing the ocean
with their brown waka  
they cross a border
naming this country

FILM MAKING Make a 1-2 minute video demonstration of a simple meal or convenient snack you often prepare at home. Watch Kyle's video for inspiration. If you are looking for music for your movie which is copyright free, try this site. But remember to attribute correctly by adding the name of the track you used and the URL link to the track either in the description or at the end of your movie.

Here it is have a look. 

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  1. Wonderful poem (Waka) Jessie! Your short lines make for good rhythm. Also, I think you end your poem with a last few lines which give a good sense of finishing. You will need to actually video yourself making your snack.