Tuesday, 25 November 2014

TGC orientation day.

Today we went to Tauranga Girls College (TGC) and had our orientation day for next year. At first all of the coming yr9 girls were in the hall and we had to listen to Ms Bird who is the deputy principal tell us a bit about the school and then we had to listen to our head girl who give us a speech, that was really cool. Then all the girls got put into little groups and went for a tour around the school. During the tour we had to look for little things around the school and we had to tick them off on the little sheet they gave us at the start of the tour. After that we came back to the hall and got dismissed from the hall. I thought that the tour was really good and I found out that I don't have to worry about getting lost because we can ask anyone about anything and most of them should help me.      

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