Thursday, 7 August 2014

TGC open night

The TGC open night was amazing. We all wen't to the brand new sports hall to start off at 6:00 and we sat in numbered rows for the groups that we were in for the tour of the school. The head girl started talking to us and telling us about why this school is a great place to come to and all of the options that TGC has to offer. After the head girl speaks the Principle speaks then the deputy principal and after they spoke the deans of our year level spoke. When everyone had finished speaking we all got into our tour groups and set off. First we wen't to the materials and food technology. And after that we wen't to all of the compulsory classes and the optional ones too.

I really enjoyed going to the TGC open night because it made me realise that I really want to go to TGC not only because of all of the great opportunities but also the nice students and teachers.              

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