Thursday, 5 June 2014

Science Behind Glow Sticks.

What I think now (before we start)
I think when you snap a glow stick and you get it on your skin it will make you skin glow in the dark until you was it off. If you leave the liquid on you skin for to long the toxins might go into your skin and you could get a bad reaction.      

What I think now (after hearing others’ ideas)
What I think now is that their is a glass tube in the middle of the glow stick and when you crack the tube and the two toxins meet they will make the tube glow. 

What I think now (after seeing Miss C cut open the tube)
My second prediction was right because when Miss C cracked the glow stick the two toxins mixed and made it glow.   
What I think now (after researching)
What I know now is the their are two chemicals a suitable dye and sensitiser, or fluorophor

3 questions I still have

  1. What die is used most?
  2. What die is most harmful?
  3. Were are glow sticks most used?

Synthesis is development in knowledge after researching and experimenting.

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